About Us

About Us

Founded in 1957

The Plummer Family has been working in the waste industry since 1942. Warren Plummer started Plummer’s Septic Tank Inc. in 1957 after working for his father’s company which installed septic systems. He started building the company image that is still represented today with our yellow trucks, family values, and excellent customer service. His son, Richard has worked in the business since he was old enough to hold a shovel. He became a partner in ownership with his father in the 1980’s as he continued to learn by “doing”.

Richard and his wife Karen purchased the business from Warren in 1994 and continued to build on the foundation that was started. Among many other industry firsts, Richard designed and built a revolutionary Septage Waste Treatment Facility which eliminated the need for land application as a means for disposal of the waste. This remains a crucial piece of the operation to this day. He continued growing the business and all while raising four sons. While all four have at some point worked for Plummers or Waste Recovery Systems, an Industrial Waste Hauling business which was founded also by Richard in the early 2000’s, one son took particular interest in Plummers Septic. 

Jon had always known that he would purchase the business someday. As a child, he never had any other answer when asked “What do you want to be when you grow up?”  Jon learned how to perform the work by spending time after school  on the ground with his father and other Plummers employees. In 2011 he began dating his now wife, Ally. Their first date was interupted by an emergency septic call of which they went to together. She knew early on the urgent nature and demands of the business and she began working at the company shortly after they were married in 2013. Ally with her Graphic Design background, helped brand and take the company digital in 2016. After several years of business coaching and guidance from Richard and Karen, Jon and Ally now own and operate the company together. As hands on owner/operators, they take pride in making sure their team members are recognized for their hard work and their customers are left satisfied with service.

Our unmatched resources allow us to offer more value to services than any other waste hauler in the state of Michigan. We would appreciate you giving us the chance to provide stellar service and will do our best to be sure it meets your expectations. 

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