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At Plummers, we have highly trained and experienced technicians that you can trust to find your problem, assess it, and recommend what is best for you and your situation. Whether your line needs cabling or hydro water jetting, we promise clean and fair service. 

Plummer’s is local and Family Owned – no franchise fees.

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What is High Pressure Water Jetting?

High Pressure Water Jetting which is also sometimes referred to as “jetting”, is the use of pressurized water to open and free up blocked lines. Tree roots are stubborn. While cabling or “Roto-De-Rooting” can solve the problem temporarily, it does not completely remove the roots from the inside diameter of the pipe. High Pressure Water Jetting provides a longer term solution to your root problem and can break free stubborn blockages of grease and sewage waste. Our technicians are highly trained and will talk to you about your specific situation and if they recommend jetting as the right service for you.


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